Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Late Night Gambling Degeneracy

Last night ended up materializing into the perfect night for Gambling degeneracy... The home game of poker i was planning to play with friends fell through and the girlfriend was busy for the evening so I grabbed my 2 buy ins ($200) and headed to Morongo.

Something in the pit of my stomach told me this was going to be a night that would test my poker skill/heart/stamina. On my first big blind with $100 I picked up Pocket aces.

Their was a straddle on the pot and two limpers. Of course i made a big raise looking to shove the flop ($26 raise). The straddler instantly went all in with A/Q. At this point i was a 93.032% favorite... Wouldn't you know that poker decided that tonight was not my night.
The Flop came 8/9/6
Turn 10
River J

BINK... Villain has a straight.

O well no tears that's poker so i instantly buy back in

My next good hand K/J i make a standard raise to $9 and get called by the BB=big blind and the fish. Flop comes J/J/9 with two spades. I lead for $20. Get raised by the BB and we get it all in. He has Q/J so he's shit on and I'm a 77.9% favorite... Running 7's on the Turn and River and we chop it up... no justice anywhere.

Overall the table was pretty good had a complete spewtard on my left (the guy who cracked my aces) and ended up finally stacking him 4 hours later the guy who sat to my right bubbled the deep stack tournament after 5 hours of play so he was TILTING (justly so) and he dropped a buy in or two.

But the MAIN FISH... was a SUPER loose SUPER passive old man who had about $400 in front of him when i sat down. I was looking to play pots with this guy every time because he'd call with any piece and would never raise. He ended up running pretty well against me but I value town'd the hell outta him on my big hands and i saw him burn through atleast $800 while i was at the table.

My big hand of the night came when after i had lost the aces/and chopped up the K/J... So i was borderline tilting but i still think my play was good... It's a straddle pot and i have A/Jhh UTG i make it $18 with a little less than $100 left and get 4 callers!

Flop ($72) 9/10/Q(rainbow no flush draw)
I shove my last $80ish and get called in TWO SPOTS.
I WAS PRAYING for the king... but luckily enough when the ace rolled off on the river my one pair was best and i dragged a $300 pot. From their i incurred a few bad beats and never really got anything going and was just staying alive

Things to do better next time:
Stop losing money in limp pots... isolate the limpers. Don't see flops 3-4 ways and not know where you stand this is -EV and best left to the GAMBLOORS at your table. Punish them for this and isolate them. If you're on the button and you see some donkey limp in front of you raise 3 times the big blind + one big blind for every limper (only try this play with 1-2 limpers in ahead of you). They're polarizing what there cards can be... (trash mostly but watch out for trappers). You WANT them to call then fold to your continuation bet on the flop and you pick up ALOT of dead money this way because you AND THEM only have a 33% chance of there cards connecting with the flop so over 65% of the time your c-bet on the flop whether you hit or not will win you the pot and that's a long term winning proposition!!!

Good luck!


  1. Damn, I should play poker instead haha.

  2. I really like poker, but am really new at it. Will follow your blog in the hope I'll learn something. :)

  3. I enjoy the last tip about the limp pots, that is definitely a mistake I make at the casino and I need to start doing that more!

  4. Thanks for the tips, I'm horrid at gambling and I really need them.

  5. I play it online mainly, but home games are fun - trying to outdo your mates :)

    'that's poker' is something well remembered by anyone who plays!

  6. Yeah I enjoy playing online, I need to get some poker-playing friends!

  7. Haha great! Followed!

  8. Thank you for the tips. Do you also play Blackjack or something?

  9. Go big or go home! following you, nice blog.

  10. Dude, great tips and stuff. Its awesome to see how you critique your game, it helps others learn from your experiences too!

  11. limpers beware when nate's on the table

  12. that grest man, some good tips on here