Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 28th Home Game Cash Game

Started the night off playing my friend Eric heads up we started with 10/20 blinds and each had 3,000 chips. Game played pretty standard ended at the 20/40 blinds when Eric raised to 120. I called with 5/6 and the flop came 4/7/8 giving me the nut straight. BINK. Turns out Eric had Aces and all the money went in on the flop and he was drawing dead by the turn.

The cash game itself ended up playing VERY SLOWLY. We were 8 handed which i feel is too many people for a group of novices because it takes out ALOT of the bluffing that you can do because you're playing full ring and the rate of play decreases significantly. So that was frustrating all in all I was about even. The two hands of the night was the great bluff that i ran at my friend Sai but he ended up calling my $11 on the end all in with top pair good kicker "just to see what i had" which was frustrating because he was only beating a bluff with the board texture. My other notable hand of the night was when my friend Travis (super nit/passive) player had aces and i called with Q/J board came Q/J/8 and he bink'd another 8 on the river to give him a better two pair. But other than that i grinded my stack back to even and finished the whole session up a few bucks!!!

Gonna look to get a backer on my action and possibly hit up Morongo tommorrow :)


photo of the day will be a bad beat ;) from an online poker hand i had a few months ago

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  1. nice hand four of a kind is my fav no one is expecting it ;)