Monday, June 27, 2011

Morongo May 4th

Hey, going to start off with a good win i had about a month ago and a few hands that occurred during the 2 hours that i played. First off i started off with a $100 buy-in at a table that had quite a bit of money on it. Most people were in for $200-300. I proceeded to wait patiently and play my usual tight but aggressive style and took advantage of the fact that it was me and a gentlemen i had played with a few times before (regular who play's tight/passive that give my raises alot of respect). He had a pretty unlucky day and ended up losing a few buy-ins during my time at the table. I ended up getting pocket aces (the best hand preflop in No limit hold'em). I had been stealing blinds and thugging position and got my chip count up to $140ish. I was under the gun with pocket aces and opened the betting to $12. I got called in two spots the first was an African American lady who was their to gamble and by her own report had been playing for 10 hours straight. She had about $800 in front of her and was the tables chip leader. Another tight/passive player called so i figured he had a decent k/x type hand. I was first to act on the K/5/4 two spades board. This is a great flop for my hand but also a board that i need to put a sizeable bet into to charge people who are drawing against me. So with $38 dollars in the pot (including blinds -$2 for Morongo) i bet $33. BOTH PLAYERS CALLED. I knew the lady to my left was drawing because her range was so wide and i figured the other opponent was likely to have a strong king but since he was a passive player he wouldn't be raising. Another 5 came on the turn giving me a GREAT 2 pair. The only thing i really needed to be concerned about was if one of my opponents had called me with a 5 but given they both flat called i figured her for a draw and him for a good king. the pot now stood at $137 and i had around $100 left. I decided that I'd make them both pay dearly if they were going to draw against me so i shipped  in the rest of my chips on the turn and they BOTH CALLED. An off suit Queen hit the river and i took down the hand with Aces and 5's the best 2 pair.

The next big hand occurred when i had ~$290ish in my stack. It was a VERY peculiar situation. The villain i was going up against was in the UTG+1 seat and had decided to DOUBLE STRADDLE with ~$300. So the blinds for this hand were 1/3/6/12 before anyone had even seen their cards!!! Both middle position seats limp'd and i limp'd with pocket 8 I believe the flop was seen 5 ways. But preflop the double straddler didn't realize that his "double straddle" was considered a "blind raise" and that the action wouldn't go back to him like if he was just a single straddler. So he was quite pissed because he wanted to raise which is what most likely effected his poor decision making post flop. the board came j/8/6 rainbow and i couldn't have been happier. The Double straddler decided to lead into the other 4 players with A/J (top pair top kicker) and because of how excited he was I KNEW he was ready to commit the rest of his chips so i shoved the remained of my chips into the middle. The action went back around to him and the only cards I had to hope he didn't have was pocket Jacks. Sure enough he proudly shoved the rest of his chips into the middle and slammed down his cards face up and said "ACE JACK" to which i rolled over my cards and said "middle set" he was drawing dead on the turn and i couldn't have been happier and i received an over $700 pot

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