Monday, June 27, 2011

My Poker Background...

My name's Nate, i'm 20 years old, and i am a semi-professional poker player. I have a full time job selling vitamins at the GNC and attend CSUF and am studying to be a poly sci major. You may ask yourself what does being a "semi-pro poker player" entail? Too that i can simply respond that more often than not i end up making more money playing poker than i do sitting at the GNC getting a salary.

Poker for me started in December of 2009 with a bunch of friends shortly after realizing i could start playing poker online now (then) that i was 18. I became instantly attracted to the game and me and my friends started playing poker regularly together. We started off playing for change (literally) we would bring nickels/dimes/quarters and have a change game atleast 2 nights a week. Shortly after i moved out of my parents house and started hosting a slightly larger game 3-4 nights a week playing as much poker as I could get people over to play allowed. I did have a large pool of friends who liked to play but as with all home games eventually all the dead money(bad poker players) dries up.

Shortly after i moved to online poker. Working at the GNC (General Nutrition Center) affords me ALOT of time inbetween customers to be on my computer doing what ever i wanted. So i typically played poker. I realized that No limit Hold'em cash games online was really not the best place to make money because of the rough competition even at low levels so i started to play tournaments. Although my main bread winning game was Heads up Shoot outs. In which 4 people would buy in for a pre-determined amount of money and then simultaneously two one-on-one matches would take place and the winner of those matches would play each other and the winner would take the whole prize pool. I had over a 60% win rate at these games so it was extremely lucrative and allowed me to double my hourly salary while i was at work. I played the $5 buy in games and was making around $8-$10 on average.

The thing that got me "addicted" to poker was undoubtedly the first night I ever played poker at Morongo. Nothing in the world beats playing poker live. Winning a huge pot and raking in the chips and the endorphin rush you get is as good as sex. The first night i went to Morongo i remember sitting down with $100 in my hand ready to play with the big boys. Previously i had only ever played .10/.20 blinds with a $20 max buy in and at Morongo the game was 10x bigger with the blinds of $1/$3 with $40-$200 buy ins. Individual hands I can't remember exactly but what i do remember was sitting down next to an old guy who had his face on the Morongo poker room wall because he had won their big tournament... needless to say I was intimidated. Although fate decided that I was to be a life time lover of the game and treated me well with cards and i left Morongo with $540 most of which was getting a good pay out with pocket aces and WAY over paying for a flush-draw that ended up hitting.

Ever since then I've done all that I can to play as much poker as possible. Unfortunately, with online poker being taken down I've been forced to give up the easy action of being able to play poker when ever i want 24/7 and now play nothing but live poker. I've had a few great scores over the past few months and for the rest of the summer I'm going to keep the blog updated with interesting hands/situations that i get involved in at Morongo/Home cash games that me and my friends host. I plan on going to Morongo at least once a week either thursday/sunday. Feel free to put any poker questions you have in the comment box incase I use some poker lingo that you didn't understand and I'll be happy to answer your questions!

Good luck!(as long as you realize their is no such thing)

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  1. Sounds as though you are a not to bad poker player.
    Got a few poker books that I have not had time to read, was going to get into poker a few months ago but didn't have the time.
    Following, might learn some :)